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New Life is a non-denominational, Bible believing church, full of Real People, living Real Lives, serving a Real God!  ­­­We believe, that according to the Word of God, the Lord has each and every one of us here for a specific purpose:

to Love and serve God and His people,

Commit to make a positive Christ-like difference

in the lives of everyone around us,

and Encourage others to become true followers of Christ and just together in doing His work!

Love God and others,

Commit to make a difference,

and Encourage others to do the same!


Love ~ Commit ~ Encourage

Our Mission

Show people the gospel is real
and available to them


See people walk
in the fullness of what Christ died for

Spread the gospel as far as we can
through missionaries and the fullness

of Christ working through us


Show ~ See ~ Spread

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to change the world by being a powerful New Testament Church that operates in love and glorifies Jesus in everything we do.

Our History

In late 2007, God placed a burden within James Holt, Pastor of Cornerstone Church of Cleveland, for a once empty church in Kenefick, Texas.  One day he pulled into the parking lot of the church, and began to pray.  As he finished praying he had a strong sense that God wanted to do something with the empty church.  As he looked up, he saw a for sale sign in the front of the church.  He picked up his phone, called the number and on the other end of the line was the owner of the building, who was also the real estate agent.   God moved mightily in the purchase of the property and things began moving very quickly.  The first weekend of January 2008, Pastor James, along with a huge number of workers from his congregation began remodeling the building from the inside out. There were days when more than 100 workers showed up to volunteer for the project.  Future members from the area would bring lunch and dessert most weekends to bless the workers, as well as do special projects to make the church more beautiful. In a short period of time, the church was resurrected and ready to open.  New Life Church opened its doors for the first service, Easter Sunday, March 23, 2008.  We know that Pastor Holt’s vision was from God, as evidenced by the circumstances of the purchase and the extraordinary response from the church members and community, both believers and nonbelievers alike.


     In May 2016, George Finney was set in as Senior Pastor.  Pastor George had a desire to build relationships within the church and the community, show God's love to all people, and in the process build New Life into a powerful New Testament Church.  It is apparent that God, through the members of New Life, is doing a mighty work in Kenefick and that work is now extending well beyond the boundaries of their community.

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