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Christ Redeems Us

The Bible says in 1 Peter 1:18 says, if we are in Christ, we "were redeemed not with corruptible things, like silver or gold", but verse 19 goes onto to say, "with the precious blood of Christ."

The Bible says that before Christ we were unrighteous sinners, and because of that we were unworthy of anything that was good and Godly. However, as children of God, we have been redeemed by the precious blood of Christ... but what does it mean to be redeemed. In order to understand what redeemed means, we need to know the definition of deemed. Deemed is a verb that means "to regard or consider in a specific way." So to say that Christ redeemed us, is saying that people may have called you a loser, a hopeless and lost case. People may have given up on you to ever change, BUT God says that when you accept His Son as your Savior, you are now, not only considered worthy, but you are worthy. You become the righteousness of God. You are now REDEEMED by the precious blood of Christ, His new creation.. a new creation with a new and wonderful outlook on life. Don't let anyone claim that you are less than what God says about you! - Pastor George Finney

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