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Radical Living

Living a Radical Life is not about knowing most Bible passages, memorizing the most Bible verses, or being the best church member... it's about deciding to live as new creation in Christ, just like the early disciples did. The early disciples simply pushed them selves beyond their own limits, to a place where they had to trust God! Trusting God is what maturity in Christ is all about! Maturity, or growth is pushing yourself beyond your limits. The term growing simple means, to go (or grow), past where you’re at. You can’t grow, until you get past where you’re at... you can’t grow until you get past your boundaries, you don’t grow until you get past your limits.

But we don’t just need to get past our limits, we need to remove our limits!

Instead of saying, why would God us me

Start saying, why wouldn’t God use me! Have A Blessed Day! Pastor George Finney New Life Church

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